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  Transparent Pathological Laboratory

Laboratory Services

This is a centrally located, fully loaded unit offering a range of diagnostic facilities backed by world renowned hi-tech investigative equipments for accurate & reliable results with patient friendly sample collection system.

Hematology & Clinical pathology:

Blood cell count top of the line hematology analyzer, four channel coagulo-meter for full range of blood clotting assays, reflectance photometer for evaluation of urine test and for semen analysis.

Clinical Biochemistry:

A fully automated biochemistry analyzer for uncompromised reliability of all biochemical tests including enzymes, proteins and component fractions.


An integrated system for blood and sterile body fluid culture with facility Of culture for tuberculosis bacteria in the same assembly, Mini API system for identification of drug sensitivity.

Immuno Assay Laboratory:

Fully automated analyzer for hormones, infections markers, tumor markers & drug levels, Elisa reader along with programmable Elisa plate washer for coverage of full range of immuno assays.

Histopathology and Cytopathology:

Rapid reporting & early diagnosis of cancer by well equipped Cyto and Histo-pathology sections. Automatic tissue processor with microprocessor control unit for biopsy and surgical tissue examination.