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  Laproscopic Surgery And C-Arm

Department of Surgery

This unit handles all surgical procedure and cancer surgeries including thyroid, breast and GI cancers are carried out by highly trained and skilled surgeons. Nearly all major/minor, elective/emergency operations are performed daily basis - round the clock, out of which many are on day care basis. The spacious pre and postoperative areas are fitted with modern monitors along with other paraphernalia for continuous observation of patients.

Laparoscopic Stone surgeries:

All types of stone surgeries are carried out by Laparoscopic Instruments including Gall Bladder stones, kidney stones, CBD stones, Ureteric stones and urinary bladder stones. Well equipped OT’s ensure that the patients have best outcomes and almost nil infection rates. . Advanced center for stone surgery sets benchmark standards for state of the art minimal access surgeries including Laparoscopic Hernia, Nephrectomy and Appendix surgeries.

Sophisticated Operation Theatre Complex :

These OT’S are designed as per international standards equipped with specialized electrically operated tables, operating lights and anesthesia machines. All procedures are done under special precautions and complete aseptic conditions for infection control.Regular microbiological surveillance of OT's is also done to maintain the OT's up to the standardization mark.